The Vision for Women’s Ministry in the Political Arena


There is a breadth and depth to women’s ministry, and none more so than in the political arena.

The Breadth of Ministry

For Christians, often the idea of ministry in the political arena is a new thought, and so is the idea of ministry to the women of the political arena. But there is a breadth of ministry work needed to ensure that the women hear the Gospel, come to a saving knowledge of Christ, study the Word, and be discipled to grow in their faith walk with Him. And you say, where is the vision in that, that’s what all Christians are supposed to do; that’s the nuts and bolts of all ministry. And I would say, yes, you are right. The political arena is no different from any mission field in that it is full of souls. The biblical mandate to “make disciples” of all people groups remains the same, and political leaders are a people group, and so are female political leaders, no matter their party affiliation.

The “Safe” Woman

Women are women the world over, and truly, even elected leaders are normal, regular people, with lives, families, businesses, and all the joys, woes, and hardships that go along with all that. But talking things over with someone who can keep things confidential, who is “safe” in this arena is hard to find. Having someone that will pray with them and for them is a rarity. So we provide that unique and rare woman who is always available on-site to listen, talk, encourage, advise, and pray. This is part of the uniqueness of the ministry, that in a world where it is a fearful thing to have personal information exposed, or to admit a personal problem, or to not trust that what is shared will not go viral and be misused, that there is one person who is “safe” to talk to.

The Depth of Ministry

The depth of ministry is managed by means of inductive Women’s Bible studies, one-on-one discipleship, personal counseling, and much supportive prayer. And we provide this fulltime ministry service free; we accept no salary from state or political party, relying only God and the generous financial support of individuals and churches. This way we truly remain non-partisan, and are seen to be so.

Get Involved in Government

There is a significant way for women to be involved in government and the political arena, and a truly Biblical way. Women’s Statehouse Day is a very special annual event for the purpose of bringing Christian women to their capitol from all over the state to meet their legislators, hear from them, and pray for them. Our leaders need wisdom and discernment to tackle the problems that beset our nation and our state, and they need our encouragement and support. We believe prayer is the means by which God moves to bestow that wisdom on our leaders, and so, “For such a time as this” we gather to pray. The call to prayer is based on two significant scriptures, 1 Timothy 2:1-4, which says we are to make it a priority to pray and intercede for our leaders, and Jeremiah 9:17-24, in which God specifically calls women to pray in their capital city for their nation and its leaders.

On The Day

At Womens' Statehouse Day, several elected women leaders speak on their work, their families, their faith, and tell how guests can specifically pray for them. A prayer service closes the morning and leads into lunch. At lunch guests are matched at tables with their own respective Senators and Representatives. After lunch a tour of the Statehouse concludes the day. The place is always a hive of activity, and guests get a glimpse of the work that goes into passing legislation.


The legislators themselves say how much they appreciate the day, the encouragement that comes from the guests, and that a time is specifically set aside to pray for them.

We invite you to “get involved in government” by joining us for our next concerted prayer day for elected leaders in Indianapolis, Indiana.